The Mountain Pt. 1

by Power Company

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You will never love the way you did before i came along
You said that it would never work
That made me fall right off the mountain that i built in my head
That symbolized the way i felt about you
And i do not need another friend

And i will never know the one again
Who makes me feel like i am not a man
But instead a state of mind
That helps you with your loneliness at times
And all the while, I'm still here with you
But i can't find a reason why i still waste my time

Waste it on you


Keep telling yourself that you didn't go too far
But look at all the evidence thats laying on the floor
You turned around, i saw you, as you walked right out the door
The times are getting colder and its harder to ignore
The memories of you are falling down inside the hole
They're repressed and I'm obsessed because to me they're made of gold
I know the way is up but I'm weighed down with before
The elevator shaft is cracked, lets fall forevermore


Just keep wandering
Just keep waiting
For our times to come

Then i'll hold you
Like i used to
When our times will come
They'll come soon enough


I don't talk to any of my oldest friends from the past
Adventures on a Friday night they all went by so fast

Carry me away from this place
My legs are broken, carry me onwards

Evolution doesn't always have to be for the better
Why does everybody think its so easy to forget her

How is your mind so unrelenting
And how is your body oh so tempting
I have gone across the sea
Cast me away but don't forget me


Should i stay at the top where we don't talk and enjoy all i've done for myself or should i journey down to the base and then we can embrace and forgive all we've done and then be friends again and it'll all be the same but i'll be dead inside because i didn't stay up for all of those nights just to feel like i didn't accomplish a thing i hate being a prisoner in my own brain.


released November 28, 2016
Jacob Collier



all rights reserved


Power Company Seattle, Washington

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